Destiny is the only word I can describe my relationship

with the Mini Pick-up.

I grew up in a family around commercial vehicles.

My dad run a food distribution company and

my Grandpa had been a truck driver for 40 years. 

The later when he retired bought himself

a Mini 850 as the only daily he would have ever own.

Inevitably Grandpa got me the Mini virus early on but

I got lightning stroked when I was 15 and eyed

a Mini Pick-up abandoned in a field.

I fell in love with it instantly, both truck and

Mini worlds finally mixed in.

In 2015 our facebook group was refreshed and owners from all corners of the earth were storming in. Then it came our first official Club stand at 2019 IMM with an out of the universe 30 Pick-up group picture.

Virtual friendships became real, meeting PUP owners from all over the world.

I'll never stop tracing every single bit of information, preserving and reviving our beloved cars. 

Here's to the glory of the Mini Pick-up and to another 60 years...

Dee Fragos 

Gramps and our PUP
IMM2019 Group pic