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Austin-Morris Mini Van/Pick-up body-trim colours

by : Dieter Deschacht - February 2018·

Body colours Body colours January 1960 to mid/end 1961
Whitehall Beige (BG4)
Smoke Grey ((BU15) (Van only)
Willow green (GN33) (1961-on)
Marigold (YL7) (Van only , 1960 only)
Willow Green (GN33)

Body colours mid/end 1961 to 1965
Whitehall Beige
Tweed Grey (GR4)
Willow Green
Smoke grey (Van only)
Willow Green
Tweed Grey
Whitehall Beige

Body colours and paint codes Austin & Morris, 1965 to 1969
Whitehall Beige (BG4)
Persian Blue (BU39)
Everglade Green (GN42)
Cumulus Grey (GR29)
Damask Red (RD5)
Snowberry White (WT4)
Tweed Grey (GR4)
White (WT2)
Willow Green (GN33) until 1967
Almond Green (GN37)

Body colour, paint codes and VIN paint codes British Leyland, 1969 to 1983
Antelope (BLVC7) - ???
Aqua (BLVC60) - JMA
Flame Red (BLVC61) - CMB
Glacier White (BLVC59) - NMA
Teal Blue 70 (BLVC18) - JMC
Green Mallard (BLVC22) - HMD
Harvest Gold (BLVC19) - ???
Tundra (BLVC94) - HMF
Mirage (BLVC11) - LMF
Tahiti Blue (BLVC65) - JMP
Damask Red (BLVC99) - CMA
Cumulus Grey (BLVC19) - LMB
Persian Blue (BU39) - ???
Connought Green (GN18) - ???
Flamenco (BLVC133) - EMC
Sandglow (BLVC63) - AMF
Java (BLVC208) - HAB
Brooklands Green (BLVC169) - HMM
pageant blue (BLVC224) - JNA

Trim colours January 1960 to 196?
Seats: Tan or arizona beige
Headlining: Pale cream
Rubber mats:
-Dark grey rubber mat and front wheel arch cover until early/mid-61
-Early/mid-61 on dark grey pvc coated felt
Trim colour 1969 - 1983
Seats: -Navy or black
-Black with houndstooth cloth (Van with L-pack, 1000 standard, 850 optional, 1979-on)
Liners: Navy or black
-Black or dark grey pvc coated felt
-Carpet (Van with L-pack, 1000 standard, 850 optional, 1979-on) (colours unknown)

According to feedback from ex-Longbridge workers. Black was generally considered a special order colour due to high preperation labour to avoid swirls. Not listed in any catalog we know yet available for the Pick-up. It is believed from the wording above that it was possible to order on special arragnment with the dealer.


Canvas Tilt Colours and Part Numbers :

Willow Green - prt num 14E3058

Tweed Grey -  prt num 14E3306
Whitehall Beige  prt num 14E3060 (most produced cover as it was directed to replace out of stock colours)

Smoke Grey (Morris only)  prt num 14E3061



We are happy to be reproducing this rare part more here

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