Loadbed Tonneau Cover

Handcrafted here in Greece from durable PVC material to any colour and stitching combination you wish.

Wide range of colours and materials allow you to personalize your cover the way you like it

We want you to experience not just a part but a true luxury addition to your Mini Pick-up. 

Every cover comes with extra webbing reinforcing the edges for longevity

Please Contact us for more details and price quoting. 

moto_0196 (1).jpg

Samples of our work

Tonneau black sample.jpg

Black with Orange stitching 


Union Jack 

Tonneau tan sample.jpg

Tan with Gold stitching


Gloss Black with Grey stitching

Dark Brown with Cream stitching

Canvas Tilt Cover

We are delighted to announce that we have started the reproduction of the Canvas Tilt.

As with the Tonneau Cover this is a customized product tailored to your needs.

Wide selection of materials and colours as well as stitching, combined with Greek craftsmanship.

The Classic workhorse look for your Mini Pick-up that makes it stand out.

We will of course try to offer the original tones allowed by modern materials.

Our aim on the other hand is to give the tilt the boost and personalisation it never had originally. 

Please Contact us for more details and price quoting.