To the home of the finest Mini variant.

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The site is currently at running in so please bear with us 

as more content is added and twitches are fixed.

In the meantime 2021 will be a special year for us!!

We celebrate the 60th jubilee of the Mini Pick-up variant.

Stay tuned as we're about to Rock and Roll.



Mini World Magazine March Issue

Those of you who grabbed your copies will encounter a nice surprise going through the mag :). 

A special page Celebrating 60 Years of the PUP and its first unveil in the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961. 

The Anniversary print is also available in our Merch shop in poster size here :)

Mini Pick-up Production Start Anniversary

25th of January 1961 marks the production start of our beloved car.

Here's to another 60 Rocking PUP years folks!!

Thank you all for your support!!


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