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To the home of the finest Mini variant.

Feel free to roam around pages and sections.

The Mini Pick-up is the rarest production Mini variant in terms of volume per total Mini production body styles.

Statistically for every 100 Minis that were made roughly only 1 was a PUP.

With approximately 58.000 manufactured in Longbridge UK and Blackheath South Africa.

The purpose of the Club is to bring together owners from all over the world and provide help in every aspect of the ownership.

If you would like to support us click here



"Mini Fair 2023 Club stand"

We are so happy to announce!!

That we will have an official Club Stand at Mini Fair 2023 :)

If you wish to join us with your PUP, please contact us here.

alternatively if the links don't work email us at :

Looking forward seeing you all there!!

"PUPFEST 2024"

Oh yes! our very own regular festival is on the tracks to become a sweet reality. Ladies and Gents here comes "PUPFEST" in 2024.
Having felt the great hospitality by BMM. We are looking forward to welcoming you back and your PUPs for a great fun day.

Watch this space for updates or keep an eye on our website :)

What a PARTY!!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for coming

to our PUP birthday party at Gaydon. Our very very own first Club show as well :).

We had an unbelievable turn out of 25 PUPs!! in all conditions even on trailers joining us for the fun.

Here's to another 60 Years of Mini Pick-up.

The finest Mini variant. :)

More pictures of our show can be found in our facebook group here

The Mini Pick-up Register is back

If you would like to help us maintain the number of surviving PUPs around the world.

Please click here to find out more on how to register your Mini Pick-up.

PUP Wiki

We're happy to announce that the PUP Wiki is up and running! The most complete source of Mini Pick-up information in the world!! Click here and enjoy reading :)


Mini Pick-up Production Start Anniversary

25th of January 1961 marks the production start of our beloved car.

Here's to another 60 Rocking PUP years folks!!

Thank you all for your support!!


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