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Welcome to the most complete Mini Pick-up resource in the world.

Information bellow is subject to continuous validation and may change.

25th of January 1961 Production start of the Austin Se7en Pick-up and Morris Mini Pick-up

(Chassis Number AAU7 87551 - Austin, and MAU4 91551 - Morris). Cost: GBP 360.
1962 January: Austin Se7en version now called Austin Mini Pick-up.
1962 October: Baulk-ring synchromesh progressively introduced (Engine Number 405271 - Austin, and
412992 - Morris). Windscreen washers, interior light and bumper overriders optional.
1967 October: 998cc engine option introduced (with 3.44:1 final drive).
1969 October: All models rebranded as simply 'Mini Pick-up' as apposed to 'Austin Se7en Pick-up' or
'Morris Mini Pick-up' and are now manufactured by British Leyland. Negative-earth electrics, mechanical
fuel pump. Full width rear bumper replaced with twin quarter bumpers.
1970 October: Ignition shield introduced.
1972 February: Improved synchromesh fitted.
1972 April: Split needle-roller bearings on idler gears.
1972 December: Improved driveshaft boots and alternator standard.
1973 April: Rod-operated gear change introduced to replace ​magic wand​ type.
1973 June: Plunging CV joints on inboard end of new drive shafts.
1974 February: Inertia-reel seat belts standard.
1974 May: HS4 swing-needle carburettor and revised manifold, air cleaner and exhaust manifold fitted.
Ignition timing altered.
1974 June: Twin-silencer exhaust fitted.
1975 October: 88 deg thermostat standard.
1976 May: Twin column-mounted control stalks fitted, new rocker-switch type panel incorporating hazard
lights standard, larger pedals from Allegro, ignition/steering lock from BL Princess fitted.
1977 July: Padded steering wheel and handbrake grip from Austin Allegro fitted.
1978 December: Re-branded as 'Mini 95', indicating the 0.94-ton gross vehicle weight (rather than payload).
Rear light cluster changed to later 'trailer board' type.
1980 November: Pick-up 850 discontinued.
1982-83 December/January Pick-up 1000 discontinued with sales continuing for left over stock throughout 1983.

According to ex-Longbridge worker John Davies who worked in CAB1. The Pick-ups and estates went down the same track No 8

John Sheppard was the man who put down the design of the Mini Pick-up. I had the privilege to contact him through Miniworld magazine back in 2006. Answering my question about what he thought of the PUP design he quoted me with.

"We just cut the top off"


Production Branding & Models :

The British Motor Corporation Ltd. (Great Britain):
Austin 'Seven Pick-up' 1961 848cc
Austin 'Mini Pick-up' 1962-1969 848cc
Austin 'Mini Pick-up' 1967-1969 998cc
Morris 'Mini Pick-up' 1961-1969 848cc
Morris 'Mini Pick-up' 1967-1969 998cc
Morris 'Mascot Pick-up' 1961-? 848cc Danish Market 
British Leyland Motor Company Ltd. (Great Britain):
Mini 'Pick-up 850' 1969-1980 848cc
Austin Rover Group Ltd. (Great Britain):
Mini 'Pick-up 1000' 1969-1983 998cc
British Leyland South Africa Ltd. (South Africa):
BMC 'Mini Pick-up' 1961-1965 848cc
BMC 'Mini Pick-up 1000' 1966-1969 998cc
Leykor 'Mini Pick-up 1000' 1969-1971 998cc
Leyland 'Mini Pick-up 1000' 1972 998cc

Production Figures

Cumulative production figures since inception, January 1961, to the end of 1977.
Home sales: 39,951
Export sales: 14,416
Total UK: 54,367
Percentage exported: 26.5%
Overseas production: n/a
Total Production: 54,367
Total production figures by branding since inception, January 1961, to the end of production, May 1983. [2]
Austin Se7en/Mini Pick-up: 18,075
Morris Mini Pick-up: 12,577
Mini Pick-up 850: 12,130
Mini Pick-up 100: 15,397
Total: 58,179

Chassis/VIN Numbers
Chassis/VIN numbers by branding and engine size from inception, January 1961, to the end of production

Austin Se7en/Mini Pick-up (850)
1961 - 1969
Chassis no./VIN prefix: A-AU7
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 87551

Austin Mini Pick-up (1000)
1967 - 1969
Chassis no./VIN prefix: A-AU7
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 1068001

Morris Mini Pick-up (850)
1961 - 1969
Chassis no./VIN prefix: M-AU4
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 91551

Morris Mini Pick-up (1000)
1967 - 1969
Chassis no./VIN prefix: M-AU4
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 1068001

Mini Pick-up (850 and 1000)
1969 - 1974
Chassis no./VIN prefix: X-AU1
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 101

Mini Pick-up (850)
1974 - 1979
Chassis no./VIN prefix: X-KU1
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 101

Mini Pick-up (1000)
1974 - 1979
Chassis no./VIN prefix: X-LU1
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 101

Mini 95 Pick-up (850)
1979 - 1980
Chassis no./VIN prefix: X-KU1
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 25448

Mini 95 Pick-up (1000)
1979 - 1983
Chassis no./VIN prefix: X-LU1
Commencing chassis no./VIN: 25448

Dimensions :

A - 38.0in. 0.97m. - Seat cushion to roof *
C - 18.0in. 0.46m. - Seat cushion depth *
E - 19.0in. 0.48m. - Seat squab height *
G - 13.5in. 0.34m. - Height of seat cushion *
J - 16.5in. 0.42m. - Steering wheel to squab (max.) *
J - 12.5in. 0.32m. - Steering wheel to squab (min.) *
K - 6.5in. 0.17m. - Steering wheel to cushion *
L - 43.5in. 1.10m. - Leg room (max.) *
L - 41.0in. 1.04m. - Leg room (min.) *
Q1 - 20.0in. 0.51m. - Width of single seat *
Q2 - 43.5in. 1.10m. - Overall width of seats *

Q3 - 36.4in 0.925m. - Top of rear gutter

to front of front gutter*
S - 45.5in. 1.16m. - Max. seat width at cushion level *
U - 46.0in. 1.17m. - Width of seats at shoulder height *
W - 84.2in. 2.14m. - Wheelbase
X - 53.5in. 1.36m. - Overall height
Y - 55.5in. 1.41m. - Overall width
Z - 130.2in. 3.31m. - Overall length
AA - 32.0in. 0.81m. - Door entry width
AC - 37.0in. 0.94m. - Height - body floor to roof
AD - 43.75in. 1.37m. - Body interior width
AE - 17.25in. 0.44m. - Body interior height
AF - 39.2in. 1.00m. - Tailboard opening width
L - 43.5in. 1.10m. - Leg room (max.)
AH - 17.5in. 0.44m. - Height of body floor
AJ - 54.75in. 1.39m. - Body interior length at floor

* (Approximate measurements)

Track Front - 1.2m.

Track Rear - 1.16m.


Blueprints : Click here

Electrics : Click here for Wiring Diagrams

Colours and Trim : Click here


The Pick-up had two rear lamp assemblies in two configurations (import/export markets) throughout its production run. Also a prototype assembly that never made it in production (Lucas L572)

Lucas L558 1961-1980

The most distinctive fitment for the Pick-up and famously shared with the 1955-on Rover P4.

Available in :

  • Stop/Tail-Flasher(amber lens)  part number 13H419

  • Stop/Tail-Flasher(red lens) part number 13H420 Mostly used on Export markets like U.S, Sweden, Norway


13H419 Amber flasher

13H420 Red flasher

PMG Thorpe (Britax PMG) 1980-1982

By the early 80s production of the Mini Pick-up had fallen dramatically. British Leyland then decided to replace the L558 unit with a bolt on item from another of their major suppliers PMG Thorpe. Still offered in import/export configuration.

Fun fact also known as trailer lights they never altered the rear lamp post shape to incorporate them.

Four holes were required to fit this type. See pics bellow. 


  • Part number AAU5127 or Britax PMG 9020.01.LB



Lucas L572 Prototype

Only used in styling the prototype but also producing early brochure material.


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